Capture contacts from your website. And transfer them to a CRM.

Create a time-sensitive task in SprinxCRM to process a request from your Kentico website. Easy installation with a step-by-step guide. Three customizable lead forms are available for your website.

Link together advantages of Kentico CMS and SprinxCRM. Use the best of both worlds.

Incorporate web lead collection into an effective lead management system. Manage contacts with SprinxCRM, a simple yet very effective CRM system. Use SprinxCRM’s functions on data collected on your Kentico’s website.

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Download SprinxCRM Web Connector now and start capturing leads. Requires SprinxCRM 6.3 and higher, Kentico CMS/EMS 6 or 7.

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A typical usecase of SprinxCRM Web Connector demonstrating how the integration of a Kentico website and SprinxCRM can improve business. A case of a metalworking company capturing leads from its website.

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SprinxCRM is a user-friendly CRM for managing leads, contacts and business opportunities. Thanks to our Web Connector it can be easily linked to your website to capture leads for futher follow-ups.